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This teacher’s guide will help you use the e-SMARTkids site to educate your students about electrical safety, energy science, and energy efficiency. We’ve included an overview of the site’s structure and content, suggestions for enhancing students’ learning through classroom discussion, and ideas for further exploration.

Site Overview

The e-SMARTkids site uses games, core curriculum science content, and activities to teach students and their families electrical safety, energy science, and the principles of energy efficiency. The site is geared to a range of interests and reading levels and can be used by students in elementary, middle, and high school. Non-readers will need adult assistance to play the games.

This site features an extensive section for students, an informational section for teachers (you’re in that section now), and a brief section for parents.

Kids Section

This tab includes five components:

1. Content Sections. These sections cover a variety of standards-related core content about electrical safety, energy science, and energy efficiency.

  • Electrical Safety-SMART: Discusses principles of electricity science and strategies for indoor and outdoor electrical safety, as well as featuring testimonials from electrical accident survivors.
  • Energy-SMART: Teaches the basics of energy science, renewable energy, energy efficiency practices, and how to care for the environment.
  • Energy Science-SMART: Covers more advanced energy science concepts appropriate for middle and high school, including lots of experiments and activities, and sections on alternative energy, electric vehicles, energy careers, and ideas for research.

2. Games. Interactive games that capture kids’ interest while conveying information about electrical safety, energy efficiency, and renewable energy, giving students an opportunity to put principles learned in these areas into practice.

  • Eco-Racer:Teaches students about five types of renewable energy sources used to make electricity: solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass.
  • Energy Saver Calculator: A fun way to raise awareness of the costs of using energy, in terms of both money and the environment.
  • The Voltinator: Promotes student understanding of voltage and how it propels electrons between atoms in a circuit to power electric appliances.
  • It’s Not Trivial: A fun quiz-show style game that serves as a brief review of concepts introduced in the Energy Science-SMART website section.

3. Ask an Expert. Questions and answers that convey interesting facts about energy and electrical safety. These are changed periodically in response to questions submitted by students.

4. Home Inspections. Printable checklists on electrical safety and energy efficiency practices that students can do with their families at home.

5. Activity Pages. Printable puzzle and handouts geared toward grades K-3 that reinforce electrical safety, renewable energy, and energy conservation concepts and practices.