PPL Electric Utilities Safety Education


PPL Electric Utilities cares about your safety. We are committed to our communities and in providing information to
a variety of individuals. Whether you are a firefighter or contractor, we invite you to explore this site and learn
how to be safe around electricity.
e-SMARTworkers website   First Responder Portal
  Here’s a safety training resource for all at-risk workers—from painters, plumbers, and electricians to general contractors, heavy-equipment operators, and highway construction workers—that will help you protect your business, your employees, and the public.
  This resource augments training for ambulance workers, fire fighters, police, and other emergency personnel so they can better protect themselves and the public from emergencies that involve utility hazards.
e-SMARTkids website    
  This resource for educators, students and their families, contains educational tools that address a variety of learning styles and supports national and state education content standards.
Thank you in advance for your participation
and commitment to safety.